Mixing metals in all metal jewelry designs is a wonderful way of adding color to the pieces. One artisan who does this well is Tammy of TammysTreasureChest.  This Louisiana based artisan combines sterling silver with copper and gold in striking ways.  Although she named some of her bold bracelets and cuffs and simple rings male jewelry, they can be be considered unisex. 

This metal smith has just the right touch for texturing metal and adding patina. She said, "I've tried it out in many mediums. When I got to metalwork, I found my true passion. I love the feeling of turning cold, hard metal into something warm, and beautiful. The process of hammering and joining pieces of metal is a release of emotions for me. I pour myself into each piece and try to convey my thoughts and feelings." Very inspirational!

Although her shop says she doesn't ship internationally normally, she will if you contact her.

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