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Aztec Inspired Beaded Bracelet Tutorial Uses Ava Beads

Have you tried beading with 3-hole Ava beads?  These V shaped beads have holes which go through the legs of the V as well as the apex.  As you can see from Deborah Roberti's Aztec inspired beaded bracelet tutorial. 

She cleverly uses the beads in such a way she creates a zigzag! Plenty of potential for all sorts of color schemes.  Consider using metallic colors for a contemporary look.

As you can guess, this project is a fast one!

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  1. Her patterns are also really easy to follow. I've bought a couple in the past.

    (And OF COURSE I have a stash of AVA beads, in multiple colors.)

    1. LOL! I must admit I haven't yet bought any AVA beads.....only a matter of time before I succumb.


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