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Easy Wire Woven Ring with Open Focal Area

Christina of CSL Designs shares amazing wire jewelry tutorials which I have collected!  Here is another great tutorial for a ring with an open focal area.  I think is great for someone starting out with wire weaving.  There are just two base wires of 20G.  The wire weaving is done with 26 G.  I do not recommend using 28 G for weaving simply because it is too fine. 26 G has a greater visual impact.

I like how she forms that open area by dealing with the wire ends in a creative manner!  You can certainly wire wrap bead(s) into that space for additional color!

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  1. I don't care what material Christine uses, her designs are always wonderful and her tutorials are super easy to follow. She's one of my favorite designers.

    1. She is one of mine too! She is so skilled and imaginative!


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