I've often said jewelry can be made from just about anything. So here is yet another look at an unusual material!  Watch this amazing tutorial where woodworker, Peter Brown - a self confessed "geek with a full set of power tools" makes a donut pendant from bread.  Yes, bread!  His suggested name for it? A gluten medallion!

The slice of bread had to be stabilized with resin before it could be turned on a lathe.

He uses a wood stabilizing resin.  This is not the same thing as the typical casting resin we use in jewelry making. This stabilizing resin is used by woodworkers to harden wood that would otherwise be too fragile to be turned. Stabilized wood becomes much stronger and also no longer reacts to humidity.  A vacuum chamber is usually used to remove the air from dried wood and the resin fills the spaces.  See his wood stabilizing demonstration here.

He doesn't appear to have used the vacuum chamber with the bread so the resin didn't sink right through. This explains the yeasty smell he got when he was turning the bread slice!

The Youtube comments were a riot!  Some have suggested he try the technique with marshmallows!  But one,  Katherine Spencer-Howard, saw its potential as did I. She said, "There's a business here, making items or jewelry for foodie people who are on a diet or who have renounced carbohydrates...!!"  Gluten-free and no calories. You get the drift.

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