I must have had a grey hair moment when I scheduled the February webinar for this Sunday, February 18 at 2 pm EST.  Totally forgot about the Olympics! So there are still a few spots left for anyone interested.  Just email me at pearl@beadinggem.com if you can make it.

Please note there is a small charge.  See this post for more information on the webinar. I do focus on smartphone photography.

I have updated the webinar to include my initial impressions of OrangeMonkie's portable and foldable table top studio as the Modahaus ones are still unavailable.  These come with LED lights.

I actually purchased the largest one because I need the space to work when taking tutorial pictures in my windowless basement studio. If you have been paying attention, my recent tutorial pictures were taken with it. The  25" Foldio3 is $159 including the halo barsIt is $139 without the halo bars (these give additional lighting.)

But the smaller one, the 15" Foldio 2 is a lot cheaper at $60.  The size is perfectly fine for taking small objects like jewelry.

I still prefer taking final project pictures in natural light - this is much easier to accomplish than with artificial light.

Regardless of natural light vs artificial light, it is important to know how to use your cameras to adjust for lighting conditions.

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