I've only ever come across painted or simply drilled beach stones where the designer created the holes to hang these onto necklaces.  But I do like this BobbyDukeArts tutorial where a beautiful carved stone is created from an ordinary landscaping rock. Note, he is quite the clown so expect to see some amusing shenanigans as well as serious carving!

He uses diamond bits with a rotary tool. His design is marvelous. He cleverly used different diamond bits to help carve, bevel and texture the stone.  A glue on bail is best for this design.

 He bought his heavy duty flex shaft from Harbor Freight for around $50.  Canadians should check out Princess Auto for good prices. Lots of dust will be flying so a good dust mask is also required.

If the above project is a bit too ambitious, then check out his simple carved stone heart tutorial where a belt grinder and hand files are used.  He used Rub 'n Buff metallic wax polish  but I suspect most people would prefer just a shine on the natural stone to finish.

A little more challenging is his star pendant carved from a stone.  Another use of belt and bench grinder, rotary tool and files.

Once you know how, I guess a broken flower pot can also be recycled into jewelry - not just river and beach stones! Here is his broken pottery tutorial  - my favorite from his collection :

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