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Mosaic Polymer Clay Animal Jewelry by Creek Side Studio

I've seen ceramic,bead and polymer clay mosaic jewelry before but what Linda Webb does with micro mosaic polymer clay jewelry is delightful!  She makes all kinds of designs but what I loved most from her Creekside Studio are her mosaic animal jewelry designs!

Linda explains, " I begin by sculpting a base in clay. Tiny “tiles” from sheets of rolled clay in a variety of colors and patterns are applied to the base forming a mosaic. Once the piece is cured, it is grouted and sanded smooth."  It is meticulous work but the final results are stunning.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram.

Hat tip to Aims for this find.

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  1. These are just amazing! Reminds me of intarsia done with wood. (Just one more craft I would love to learn lol)

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  3. Linda's work is incredible! Everything is so perfect looking - I can imagine it takes a ton of work to get it to look like that.

    I'm wondering - how does she 'grout' the polymer clay?


    1. That is a good question. Do you think she embeds the colored portions into base clay?


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