Romanian Andreea Strete feels very strongly about the unwanted electronics we discard with our ever increasing gadget upgrades. So she creates tiny robots from all kinds of discarded electronics such as computer parts, monitors, MP3 players, keyboards, mouses and many others. Her one of kind creations are then embedded in resin as you can see from her Etsy store, 11pixeli.  

When she first got into resin casting, she decided she wasn't going to make resin jewelry just using dried flowers and metal flakes, both of which are very popular.

Her inspiration came when she took apart her brother's unwanted monitor and started to play around with the small parts. Pareidolia - the fairly common ability to see faces in objects and unusual places - inevitably kicked in and soon she could put together tiny faces and robotic bodies complete with big eyes.

These creatures are all one of her kind. One delightful offering with every purchase is the adoption certificate! Andreea explains, "Robots are people, too!"   Andreea also sells through her website, Tiny Robots.

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