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Cross Motif Beaded Bracelet Tutorial uses Ava Beads

Ava beads have such cool shapes.  They are A shaped. This tutorial by Gianna Zimmerman of BeadingforPerfectionists cleverly takes advantage of that shape.  What she dis was use them to help form a cross.

She also used crescent beads, O beads and diamond duos. Her color palette is also lovely. All that came together for a beautiful bracelet indeed.

Gianna also sells her beading tutorials on her Etsy shop, b4pbkup.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I find it difficult to locate tutorials that actually use more than one or two types of shaped beads so it is fun to see all of these together.

    Also she has reasonable prices for her patterns. I have now favorited her Etsy shop!

  2. Thanks for the spotlight on this artist!! I checked out her Etsy sight, and she has many STUNNING tutorials at rock-bottom prices. She uses some of the new bead shapes to great effect, and also has beautiful pieces with only traditional beads. The problem will be choosing what to do first!

  3. Wonderful use of new shapes. Thanks Pearl.


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