Much to my delight, Gerlinde Lenz, the inventor of Peyote with a Twist or Peytwist , saw my post about reader Wayne Wiley's attempt to convert a bead crochet pattern to a Peytwist one.  Using Peyote is far easier than learning how to do bead crochet.  She  says "I've invented the method in order to be able to create ropes with bead crochet patterns."

Gerlinde says "You can translate ALL non-tapering bead crochet patterns into Peytwist patterns, precisely, except for few degrees of spiral steepness."  Now that is good news! 

She invites all interested readers to join  her Facebook group 'Peyote with a twist - not crochet'?  You can find dozens of precisely translated patterns  there. 

Gerlinde adds: "I congratulate Wayne for having found the double column seam, which is generally used for ropes with even count circumferences."

Gerlinde sent me the image above to show what the peyote pattern for Wayne's example would look like. "It is started top right, and closes at the end of row 17, with a double column seam, exactly what Wayne had worked out. The repeat is only 8 rows. What you see there is pretty remote from what you get, but by the process of winding this ribbon around the tube, as you do in Peytwist, it gets there anyway. I can't take the time now to bead a piece of this, but when you do, you will find that the result is VERY close to the original."

"I wonder whether you or Wayne can spot where I tried to improve on the original?"

I'm stumped.  But then I haven't yet tried Peytwist. What about you?

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