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Easy Two Hole Gemstone Tile Necklace Tutorial Uses Flat Conical Beads

I try to use components in novel ways. Do you?  It is a good strategy as it results in unique designs. Check out Gloria Uhler's easy tutorial which features two hole jasper gemstone tiles. The flat conical beads (bead caps) she uses are typically placed at clasp ends which usually gathers together multi-strand necklaces.

What she does is use those conical beads like spaces, sandwiching the gemstone tiles.  The colored gemstones give the design a pop of color!

The tutorial is suitable for beginners. She includes instructions on how to use clamshells.

Before You Go:

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  1. They do look lovely though it isn't always so easy getting the conical two or three hole beads in the UK , as I've found with a design or two of my own

  2. Wouldn't these look stunning with the new carrier beads. I've made several sets of the carrier bead and have bee scratching my head trying to figure out novel ways to combine them.

    1. Carrier beads are perfect for this tutorial! Good thinking!

  3. I've got the 2-hole beads--now I just need to get the flat conical beads. Yay! Thank you!


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