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Festive Recycled Leather Jewelry by Scandinazn

Jamie ゆき Carlson is a Canadian designer of mixed Swedish and Japanese heritage. Her shop, Scandinazn, shows her speciality - recycled leather jewelry. Festively in fun colors! My favorite of her different collections is her confetti inspired one where each and every spot is hand punched from pre-loved leather.  Pointilism in jewelry form!

Jamie says she is a "self-taught jewelry maker, but honed my design skills at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, where I earned m y Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Technology. Scandinazn was started as a side project while I was in school, born out of my love for creating pieces from repurposed textiles. The fashion industry is notorious for its wastefulness, which is why sustainability plays a huge role in the philosophy of my brand."

She is clever.  Her futuristic style earrings shows how she creatively uses the remainder of the leather after the holes are cut. These really remind me of amoeba!

This origami inspired painted jewelry set is clearly inspired by her Japanese heritage.

As is the lovely abstract Japanese fractal flower earrings below :

Also noteworthy are her ear jackets!

Jamie is also on Instagram.

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  1. Love the ear jackets, they look super cool

  2. I'm impressed!

    I admire people who are making a conscious effort to do something with waste. She has certainly nailed it. There are so many used leather products that people discard simply because they are slightly worn and leather is that gift that keeps on giving and getting better with age.

    Her designs and her displays are wonderful. She's obviously put a lot of thought into what she's doing and how she presents herself.

    Well done indeed Jamie!!

  3. I can't believe I've missed this post! This is a superb idea! I, too, love the confetti style!


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