I love to feature designers not just because of their inspirational and innovative designs. Some of their stories and backgrounds are also fascinating. (Be sure to check the links at the end). Take Lou and Pav of Global Dreaming for example. This husband and wife team are from New Zealand.  They absolutely adore traveling the world. Lou is a macrame jewelry designer, while her husband Pav makes bone and copper items.

Most of the store showcases Lou's macrame work. She explained, "While we were gypsying around Mexico and Central America back in 2000, I was inspired by the amazing macrame artists who were selling their creative jewelry on their sarongs along the footpaths and beaches." 

She eventually learned how to make macrame jewelry and her passion and her abilities grew.  She added, "Following this, I went on a solo journey throughout parts of Europe with just a few personal belongings, a big bag of threads and beads and a sarong."  She met many people through her jewelry making.

In 2007, Lou and Pav bought a bus and converted it into a home. They spent the next 4-5 years travelling around Europe.  Lou said their jewelry and wearable art really began to evolve.

Until recently, they were based in Byron Bay's Hinterland, Australia. But they still made many visits to parts of Asia with their two boys.  They have recently moved back to their native New Zealand in a lovely little community in the beautiful Lake Hawea area (South Island).

They are introducing New Zealand to their boys as they have never lived there.  Right now it is snowboarding season - the boys were introduced to snowboarding when they visited Japan earlier this year.  But besides that and macrame jewelry making, the wanderlust needs to be slaked!  Lou hopes to visit India, Georgia (near Russia) and Greece. Greece is where she would love to be "re-married - the first time was in a registery office so I could go on Pav's visa to England about 15 years ago! The next time will be for love!!!"

Macrame armband can also be worn as a choker or headpiece

"A meditative creative space. 
Sometimes I use a bamboo stick with screws at each end to hold my work in place."

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