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Faux Metal Polymer Clay Jewelry by WildOnionArt

Polymer clay is a wonderfully adaptable medium. In the hands of a meticulous and imaginative artist, designs can be astounding.  Russian artist,Yuliya Zharova, of Wild Onion Art demonstrates her clever talent for making beautiful faux metal polymer clay jewelry.

Much of her work is mostly nature inspired - flora and fauna are her favorite subjects.  I, on the other hand, had a difficult time choosing my favorites to feature. Her designs are all marvelous so I recommend you visit her store.   She can really capture the look of brass and copper.

She also has a great contemporary style tutorial featuring polar bears!:

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  1. This is another artist who makes me wonder why I bother. Her work is wonderful! I went to her shop and I too couldn't decide what was my favourite. Of course the owl caught my eye - I actually went 'Ohhhh' over that owl!

    The little girl holding the balloons is just so sweet and all the flowers - some of them almost made me weep they are done so beautifully.

    A great artist to feature Pearl. Thank you. I have bookmarked her.

  2. She is truly amazing and inspirational - a shining example of skill to aim for those of us nowhere near her caliber!

  3. I love her style! Her work is proof that less is, in many instances, more. The Chameleon is awesome. I was surprised to see her wooden pieces, I am the daughter of a construction worker/teacher so was taught the beauty of natural wood from a young age and always appreciate when someone can take the natural beauty of wood and improve on it without overwhelming it. Thanks for sharing another winner


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