The Balinese are incredible artisans and have been since ancient times.  They are renowned for their exquisite silver work - particularly in the filigree and granulation (little balls of silver) techniques. Shown here are gorgeous sterling silver jewelry made by the Balinese artisans behind DGSilverJewelry.

This family business was started by jewelry designers Gabriela and David Bussola back in 2007.  Gabby was born in Java and moved to Bali when she was 17.  David was originally from Italy.  They have since taken on 3 more Indonesian silversmiths - Widhi, Made and Yudi.  They work with silver, gold and gemstones.

As you can imagine with 5 artisans working in their workshop, there are many, many designs to ogle!  I had a hard time trying to pick a selection which showcase their range.  What impressed me most were the designs which combined granulation and filigree work like the dragonfly and the earrings below.

They also create special jewelry.  Check out their poison rings and pregnancy jewelry. The latter  are Harmony Ball pendants containing little bells which make soft chiming noises with each movement! Pregnant women from some cultures like the Balinese like to wear them on long necklaces so the pendants rest on their growing bumps. The soothing sound is thought to comfort the unborn child and calm the mother-to- be! It occurred to me that you do not have to be pregnant to get the calming benefits of a Harmony Ball pendant!

Pregnancy (Harmony Ball) Pendant

The other amazing thing about this store is the virtually wholesale prices.

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