Tiny wearable book jewelry designs are not new. But I was totally charmed by the miniature Storyteller book jewelry created by Salem, Massachuseets designer, Raelinda Woad.  Her book jewelry collection is truly unique as each opens up to reveal a readable original story.  All her storybook pendants were even "test-told before a live audience for quality control".

She makes both necklaces and pins. The stones are glass, the colored background is painted paper and the story is printed in fine linen paper.  All the decorative elements are riveted.

She shares her wonderfully written artist profile in her packaging.  It starts with, "Despite my father’s anxiety that art college was preparing me for a career in waiting tables, I’ve been a full time working artist for over 20 years."  Now that is inspiring!

She worked with a wonderful jewelry designer for years and then her boyfriend at the time suggested book jewelry.  Once she found the idea sold, she realized that designing jewelry is a lot like telling a story.  And the rest is history.  You can read more here.

Not all Raelinda's book pendants contain stories.  Her Dove Love book pendant, for example, opens up to show the word LOVE expressed in 14 different languages !

Similarly her Dragonfly Peace book pendant contains the word  PEACE  in 14 different languages!

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