Lots of people love the medieval period. Reenactments and medieval festivals are very popular.  I, for one, enjoy reading about that historical era (and others. See my bejeweled biographies here). If you are like me or know another with similar interests, consider making this awesome wire wrapped sword pendant.  This tutorial is by wire jewelry designer, Rhonda Chase.

Rhonda said she designed it for her son.

It is not a difficult project. She does a great job of building up the design. Well worth seeing how she makes the point. Rest assured, one does not make it sharp!

I love how she added a second point to simulate the look of the blade of a double edged knightly sword. Her wiring of the gemstones is excellent too.

Her small scale work does indeed resemble a real sword. Here is a picture of an Albion Sword , a replica of the 13th-century "Sword of Saint Maurice" of Turin. Such swords were highly effective weapons especially in the hands of knights who trained from boyhood. Wealthy noblemen and rulers were the only ones who could afford ornamental ones for show.

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