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Lamp Work Bead Body Chain Design | Grand River Bead Society Show

It wasn't that long ago when I did a feature on Modern Body Chain Designers.  Lo and behold, when I walked into the first 2018-2019 meeting of the Grand River Bead Society, there was Mary Ann Helmond  (MA Beads) wearing a fabulous body chain creation of her own!

Mary Ann is a local lamp work glass artist so every bead you see in her design was made by her.  Her signature designs involve the peacock - you can click on the closeup image below to better see the peacock focal bead.  Notice the peacock feather glass drops in the tassel?  Awesome!

And here is what it looks like at the back :

Check out my past post which shows the fabulous  peacock jewelry collaboration between Mary Ann and another fellow member of the GRBS, Roxann Blazetch-Ozols who beadweaves and is also the creator of the ducette (modified lucette).

Are you local?  The Guelph area of Ontario? The GRBS's show is coming up.  The show website lists the current vendors and classes.

As you can see from the publicity material above, we are a diverse group of jewelry making enthusiasts.  My flower earrings are at top right.!

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  1. What a gorgeous design! I am absolutely stunned by it!


    Can someone tell me why I moved out here? I was born in Guelph! Shaking my head at the lack of something like this in this area. Plus - who wants to live where it consistently gets to -40C? And - we've already had snow?!

    1. Chuckle! Would love to see you move back here! It is a spectacular design when you see it up close!

  2. Mary Ann is an amazing artist who has taken her love of Peacocks and the colors to a whole different level. I am lucky to own one of her beads. I met her at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers conference one year in New Orleans - her peacock inspired outfits were such a joy. And Mary Ann is a joy as well!

  3. Her latest designs never fail to surprise me! They are truly one of kind marvels that complement the details in each of her beads. Working with Mary Ann on her peacock jewellery was a series of collaborations that helped me develop into a beadwork "engineer"- an area that was totally new but an exciting change from my own beading direction.

  4. Your collaborative project was simply awesome!!

  5. I've seldom seen such a well-done piece of handmade jewelry. So many distinct elements brought together so gracefully. She's done the peacock proud.


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