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Nature Inspired Wire Wrapped Jewelry and Tutorials by Ursula Jewelry

Wire artists like Ukrainian Oksana Trukhan can "sketch" with wire!  Her collection of nature inspired wire wrapped and metal work pieces shown in Ursula Jewelry show her talent for simple yet effective wire formations to capture creatures both real and imaginary.

She explains, "I live in a small town. I can walk in the park and the river every day. Nature is amazing, clean and wild here. It inspires me to share this beauty with people from around the world. So I often use natural motifs in the works. I chose the logo of a bear Ursula. In my country it is associated with the goddess that took care of femininity and artisans."

Oksana also offers tutorials including a dragon sculpture featuring her distinctive style of wire wrapping.

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  1. These beauties are simply incredible! Thanks for sharing them Pearl.

    I love coming here every day to check out the latest post.

    Each day you come up with something that inspires, amazes, and makes me quite envious - sometimes making me feel quite inadequate with my own artistic abilities but also makes me strive to do better with each and every piece.


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