Indounik - the name is a fusion of Indonesia and "unik", the local spelling for unique - shows off some really lovely bone, shell and wood carvings from the talented artisans of Bali. This island is the second home of an Australian,  who is the one woman dynamo behind Indounik.

Small Pineapple Carved Mother of Pearl Cabochons
She explained, "My shop opened on September 8, 2010, a date carefully chosen from the Balinese lunar calendar and said to be an auspicious day on which to start a business."

She says, "Now I'm heading down a path less traveled, collaborating with some Balinese artisans to create a range of scrapbook, jewelry and crafting embellishments that reflect the culture and artistry of Indonesia. The Balinese don't know too much about scrapbooking but I always get a warm and wonderful response when I show them my well-travelled scrapbook albums. My favourite is: "You make Bali look like paradise.""  

No wonder Indounik's punchline is "Presenting pieces of paradise for your creative indulgence!"

I love what she said about the beautifully carved Mother of Pearl wing pendant above. She reminded us of Coco Chanel's maxim: “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”  

"The shell used in Indounik products is "budidaya", grown in aquaculture operations in Indonesia, not wild-harvested from the sea."

Carved Mother of Pearl Good Dog Cabochons (holes can be drilled)
Sawo wood (a.k.a. Indonesian rosewood),  a sustainable  reddish brown Indonesian hardwood, is also used in carvings.

Eye of Buddha Pendant carved from Sawo Wood

Bali is different from the rest of Indonesia. The 4.2 million inhabitants are not Muslim but practice a form of Hinduism which has been influenced by Buddhism and other religions.

Buddha Sawo wood carving

The Tri Hita Karana is the traditional philosophy of the Balinese which they all strive to follow. "The literal translation is roughly the "three causes of well-being" or "three reasons for prosperity."

  • Harmony among people
  • Harmony with nature or environment
  • Harmony with God

Tri Hita Karana Carved Bone Cabochon

Carved Mother of Pearl Shell Bees

Tiny Elephant Carved Bone Beads

Carved Brown Bone Balinese Face Cabochon

Carved Bone Dragonfly Cabochons

Abalone Mother of Pearl shell carving

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