What does it take to be a successful jewelry artisan?  It is a competitive environment no matter where you sell - online or at craft fairs.  Melissa Drake of HappyGoLicky - Licky is her nickname - is one such artisan.  It is not just all about beautiful designs and hard work but also preparation, discipline, effective time management and strong social media promotion. Last but not least, great photography!

She explained how she made the transition to full time jewelry artisan in this Quit Your Day Job interview"When I started HappyGoLicky I saved every cent I made for nearly a year so I could invest in the best tools to increase my efficiency and afford to buy supplies in bulk. Working past midnight became a regular occurrence. I also spent time developing my products, researching self-employment, and reading up on what makes a successful Etsy shop."

This metalsmith's highly desirable boho cast designs are awesome and popular. I particularly love her crochet textured pieces.  She is also savvy and realizes how the high cost of silver would push up prices. So she also offers affordable beautiful sterling silver and silk wrap bracelets .

Melissa says it is not just about keeping going, but also growing.  She constantly thinks about jewelry all day long - the sign of a highly creative individual!  The downside is she finds it difficult to wind down.

Melissa is still going strong in her 10 years on Etsy. Here is her advice for aspiring artisans: "Stay focused. Feeling discouraged when sales are slow in the beginning is common. Use the down time to tweak your shop. Strive to take better photographs, write thorough descriptions, and read everything you can about marketing your product."  Truly inspirational.

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