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Mirifice Shop's Printed Plastic Jewelry Features Original Illustrations

Eva of Cordova Spain is an artist who has expressed herself in a unique way.  She is the artisan behind Mirifice Shop. She prints on plastic her own illustrations. The pieces are then combined with metal findings.

She explains that "The handwork is long and meticulous.Once trimmed by hand, it goes through a thermal process to give it thickness. Later, four coats of varnish protect the print and to finish a layer of resin to give shine."

Her butterfly and flora collections are lovely.

I also loved her Sayings collection.  Eva says there are sayings for everything in Spain.  She chose to feature some of the popular ones!

 "Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel"
"Shut Up and the Flies will not Enter"

"Love Moves Mountains"

“Raise crows and they will take your eyes out”
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  1. "Shut up and the flies will not enter" is hilarious! Clever and original work, I just love the depth and detail! And to think of it, they are small!!!

  2. Love the sayings collection..they are fabulous. But I have a question out of curiosity for the designer. Why use resin when the image is printed on plastic which by itself is quite durable? and on similar lines why use varnish when plastic is a shiny material?

    1. I can answer that! The resin protects the printed inks which can be accidentally scratched away. The inks are sitting just on the surface and not actually bonded to the backing. Your second question - the varnish protects the plastic from scratches. It is the same with plastic eye glass lenses - these are protected with scratch resistant coatings.

    2. Hi!! I´m Eva, the designer! Divya, the ink on plastic is durable, but could be removed with water! So if you are dancing under the rain, you could damage your jewel! The varnish is to protect ( like Pearl said). I want you have your Mirifice jewel all your life!! Thanks!!

  3. What a treat. Truly creative. Loved the "Shut up....".


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