There is nothing wrong with washers, round and square blanks. But don't you wish there could be different shapes?  Well, check out Epic Metal Blanks, a UK business which has recently moved to Spain.  They have the usual assortment of shapes but it was their larger stamping shapes which caught my attention.

Create different patterns on these blanks for really unique designs.  Lisa Niven Kelly's New Stamped Metal Jewelry has amazing inspirations. (See my book review) .  There are now tons of metal stamps available to suit every taste!

Shown here are my favorites - the Christmas shapes are lovely.  But some of their other stamping blanks includes a sugar skull with heart eyes - perfect for Día de los Muertos!  The penguin is adorable.  I suspect some would love the unicorn and mermaid too.

A couple of designs are also popular in the tattoo world - the missing puzzle in the heart and the heart with wings. I am not sure what they are supposed to symbolize. Any guesses?

Steve says their blanks "are made from a strong, lightweight but thick 1050 aluminium. They are 14ga - approximately 1.5mm thick."  Aluminum is great for stamping.  (Just a cautionary note, you need special steel stamps for stainless steel blanks!)

They are starting to carry copper blanks too. So watch their space!

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