Polymer clay and metal clay artists typically use texture stamps to get beautiful relief work. But what if you have an original design but no texture stamp?  The solution is to use the tear away technique which works for polymer clay, metal clay and for those using rolling mills.

The technique involves printing out the design on a laser printer, then placing the design onto conditioned and rolled out polymer clay. After burnishing well, the paper is peeled off leaving tiny bits of polymer clay on the ink parts and becomes the raised designs.  Once the paper is baked, it becomes a delicate texture "plate" and is then ready for use.

It was pioneered by metal clay artist, Celie Fago and appears in her book Keum-Boo on Silver. (Keum-Boo is the ancient Korean art of fusing gold to silver).  Her store shows some of her work.

Her blog post is worth a read as she goes over what brand of polymer clay works. Very important!

I recommend you also check out Julia Rai's video tutorial where she demonstrates the technique. She gives invaluable information including what kind of toner cartridge you need for this to work.  Apparently, not just any laser printer is going to cut it!

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