I first came across Nataly's work when she followed me on Instagram. This Ukrainian architect is the designer behind Aviceya.  Her shop shows her skill at both wire wrapping and metal work.  I love how she integrates little metal pieces in her work.

Nataly has a delicate touch and a strong sense of color and placement - perhaps something to do with her architectural skills?

I also noticed her interest in historical design.  Her lunula amulet below with a lovely labradorite stone, In Roman times, girls wore these crescent shaped amulets to ward off evil spirits and especially the evil eye.

Lunula Amulet
Her wonderful rat themed fibula brooch is a modern version of the round brooch pins used long ago as a decorative yet functional way of fastening clothes together.  That was before buttons and zippers were invented.

This artisan had several rat themed jewelry.  Perfect for those born in the Year of the Rat!  Some of you might be a little turned off by rats.  But in the Chinese zodiac, the rat leads the pack of animals. Legend has it that when the animals gathered to be among those selected  for the 12 year zodiac cycle, the rat hitched a ride on the ox and promptly slid off to become the first! People born in the Year of the Rat are considered to be clever, practical, quick witted and friendly.

However, Nataly creates her rat jewelry for another purpose. Some of her pieces raises money for the " Ukrainian Rats Assistance Fund. Our foundation helps people who picked up an abandoned rat in the street or took a rat from the owners who refused them, to pay a vet and to buy medicines." Pet rats would not be able to fend for themselves otherwise.

You can check up what Nataly is up to next on her Facebook.

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