Fellow Canadian, Angie Martin, has a way with beads and words!  She lists her shop,  Nanny Pink's Passion  as a source of various beading patterns for seedy beaders! She certainly likes working with different kinds of beads and has a great sense of pattern and design.

Entendre Convertible Bracelet and Necklace Tutorial

There tutorials for carrier beaded bracelets. One of my favorites is her convertible bracelet and necklace shown above which features little bell flower beads. The rose petal beads for this design is another noteworthy one.

Loves Me Loves Me Not Necklace Tutorial with rose petal beads
I have been following Angie on Facebook for years. She is a delightful writer and often shares her beading related advice like this one :

One of the most important parts of any one's online store is the ABOUT page. So many designers ignore this opportunity to tell visitors about themselves and their creative journeys and thus help connect people to the artist.  Angie wrote one of the most charming ABOUT pages I have ever read.  She tells the story of how she became a tutorial designer and at one point, said : " I had a mind-blowing, head-shaking epiphany - a "beadpiphany", if you will."

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