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No one knows how the Cuban chain link (also known as Miami Cuban chain link) came to be.  The Cuban chain link evolved from the hip-hop movement in the 1970's and 1980's.  The heavy masculine chain jewelry has been rising in popularity since about 2012, helped no doubt by various celebrities.

Watch this video which shows how a 2 kg (4.4 lb) ) solid gold chain is made from scratch. At the time of writing this, gold cost nearly $40,000 per kg!

The amount of force needed to make such thick chains by hand with the help of vices and other hand tools, is just incredible!

One characteristic of this chain style is the flat edge look.  The flat edge is produced by filing off the raised portion of the completed chain. That treacly looking substance is probably wax which temporarily holds the chain onto the board. It is then removed later by placing it into hot water.

Watch metal smith Zalakos create a brass bracelet using 4.8 mm brass wire - between 4-5 G !  He also demonstrates how he made the box style clasp and tab from sheet metal.

If you have a set of needle files like I do, watching this video will also show you how the triangular file is used !

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  1. Beautiful, I never realized how much labor was involved. I do wish the video had more written descriptions of what was happening.

  2. And I thought working with 6 and 8 gauge wire was tough. WOW!

  3. Really enjoyed the video. A couple of thoughts. It makes a great fashion statement but my neck is already sore just thinking about wearing almost 5 pounds of jewelry and you would need a bodyguard around whenever you wear it. Nevertheless, wow, what an amazing feat just to make it. Thanks for the video.

    1. One could also use aluminum wire! A lot lighter and cheaper to make.


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