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Recycled Computer Circuit Board Jewelry by Recomputing

Slovakia based Jaroslav and Natalka Pavlysh are the husband and wife who started Recomputing to give a new life to broken computer parts! Natalka explained, "Jaroslav worked with computers for years and collected plenty of broken parts. So it was a natural decision to start recycling them into something totally different, but still useful."

The range of different kinds of products is amazing -  plenty to gladden the heart of any geek! Shown here are some of my favorites from their jewelry collections - they also do home decor and clocks.  I particularly like the slider wrap bracelets which are unisex. Also impressive is the different shapes they come up with.

Natalka adds, "Almost all the hard work for the shop is made by Jaroslav. Sometimes Natalka takes part in design but usually, design, cutting, polishing, soldering and anything the production requires is under his care."  But I am sure it is Natalka who takes care of the business end of things.  Teamwork with this husband and wife!

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  1. Awesome designs and an admirable idea! I especially love the men's bracelets and Christmas decorations :)

  2. When I saw this I rushed to their shop and - of course! - I had to buy a number of items for my nerd hubby!

    Thank you so much for sharing this Pearl! In my rush to create for my Christmas sales I hadn't got anything yet for him. I selected the shipping that would get it here before Christmas that avoids our postal system! Perfect!

    And PERFECT nerd/geek gifts!

    1. So pleased you enjoyed their designs AND slayed your hubby's gift at the same time!

  3. thank you for the feature, Pearl!


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