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Round Wire Cage Spiral Tutorials Revisited with Captured Stone or Bead

Sometimes it is worth revisiting a tried and true technique.  Vietnamese wire artist, Lan Anh Pham, did just that with the classic wire cage spiral method. This is usually used to capture beads with loops at both ends so each unit can be connected together - this is often used in a bracelet design.

She demonstrates this wire method with her simple elongated earrings design with just a single captured bead. This design will go together with a matching bracelet. Note : thick wire looks better than thinner wire!

Here is her bracelet tutorial :

However, it is her pendant version which is striking.  She just added a touch of wire weaving to ensure the small bead does not fall out. The wire weaving stabilizes the wire cage.

Her ring version is also a standout!

H/T to Aims for this find!

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  1. I LOVE the pendant tutorial. It is light and airy and the wire weaving makes it unique!

    1. That was my favorite too! It really has a unique look from the usual style.

  2. Just watching her tutorials is so soothing - the manipulating of the wire - there's something about it.

    I particularly like her pendant cages. The offset look caught my eye and I find it very attractive. I can imagine putting a number of stones in cages like this. There are even some beautiful marbles I've saved that would look fantastic caged up and on a cord.

    Thanks for sharing her tutorials Pearl.

    1. She does make wire work look easy! Funny you should mention marbles! There were some in a Christmas cracker I just opened! I have saved them and perhaps will try this technique with them!

  3. I like the spiral pendant, it's different from other caged beads I've seen and the tip about wire weaving is a good option.


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