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Easy Striped Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial

Are you a polymer clay jewelry newbie?  Perhaps mixing colors, blending or canes are just a little too much?  This simple stripe design tutorial by Bhavani Jewelry is for you!  She called them torpedo earrings because the rolled out shapes are tapered like a torpedo or, as I see it, a cigar!

As you can see, she uses only two colors. But you could also add in more colors if you wish. The design consists of adding polymer clay "snakes" to a central polymer clay.  This central core can be leftover clay from other projects!

She uses screw eye pins - small ones which are great for jewelry making.  Make sure you test the security of these pins after baking. Remove them if they are loose and put them back into position with some glue.

Before You Go:

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  1. Fun project. Nice tutorial. I have made many clay projects, mostly bracelets that required a wire to be pushed into the clay as was done with these earrings. In my experience a wire won't stay in clay for long without some kind of treatment. In my book (Hinged Clay Bracelets - on Amazon) I demonstrate crimping or angling the wire in order to create some resistance to being easily pulled out. At the very least, liquid polymer or another glue should be applied to the wire before inserting it into the clay.

  2. That is a great tip, the one about angling the wire! Thanks for sharing!


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