Ever tried to stamp with alcohol inks?  Well, that really does not work as you don't have enough time to do much before the alcohol evaporates.  So when I first saw this Tim Holz tutorial, my jaw dropped!  What took so long?  Watch the entire video tutorial as there are many tips and tricks!

Alcohol Lift Ink is the product which makes it possible to stamp with alcohol inks. The principal is easy - you first create your own alcohol ink art on a non-porous material - Yupo paper, metal sheets or even transparencies. Stamping on the alcohol lift ink allows you to then stamp on the ink art and lift off the inks.  The alcohol lift ink keeps the alcohol inks liquid.

What is so cool is both the stamped and the ghosted image on the alcohol ink art can be used.  You could use the stamping technique on polymer clay. Consider cutting out the ghosted image and applying resin on it!   So many possibilities for jewelry making - not just for crafts!

I have had issues with making ink art with drops of different colors alcohol inks. The instructor shares a very useful tip of using a multi- well palette of many dried alcohol ink colors. He then uses a paint brush loaded with alcohol (you can use rubbing alcohol from the drugstore) to mix into a paint well.  Brushing on alcohol inks gives much more control than just adding drops. Rather like watercolor washes!

He also shares how he cleans the stamps with Ranger Archival Ink Cleaner. It is necessary if you want to use the stamps for anything else!.

H/T to Aims and Shades of Clay

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