There are so many beautiful gemstone cabochons out there.  As they have no holes, you need to capture them in some way.  Some use metal work, bead work and wire work to do so. But if you aren't into those techniques, there is always polymer clay!

This lovely cabochon capture tutorial is by UK polymer clay artist, Velvetorium.

As you can see, she cleverly uses leaf motifs to help hold the cabochon in place.  Her texturing is also noteworthy - she added depth by using polymer clay snakes to be the central rachis (stem) of each feather.  Also consider using other motifs in your designs to do the same job as the feathers here.

The shape of the pendant was cut free hand!  I am not that confident so I would definitely use a cutter! Using the right mica powder sure does give the pieces a metallic look.

The heat used in curing polymer clay isn't very high so it should not affect many gemstones. But do test if you are concerned.

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