Nature is arguably the most popular inspiration for a lot of designers.  Rather than the usual flora and fauna, Russian beadweavers, Olya and Katya of OKHandmade took their inspiration from jellyfish! Their tutorial couples bead weaving with delicate chains representing four tentacles.  The box or bell shape body of the medusa form of the jellyfish is made with Swarovski crystals and seed beads.

The designers didn't pick just any jellyfish. They chose the Irukandji jellyfish - one of the smallest and most venomous jellyfish in the world.  The extremely painful stings result in Irukandji syndrome.  The body of the jellyfish measures only 5- 25 mm wide. Being tiny and near transparent means they are hard to spot in the water. This particular species is found in the marine areas of Northern Australia.

 Watch this short but fascinating Nature of Science video about the Irukandji jellyfish!  This scientist has been stung 11 times!  Talk about dedication to his work!

In Australia (and other parts of the world), fatalities due to heart failure are most often caused by another type of  box jellyfish,  the much larger  Chironex fleckeri or sea wasp especially when the sting area is extensive. Children are more vulnerable due to their smaller size.

During box jellyfish season, Australians usually net sections of beaches to keep jellyfish from swimmers.  Lifeguards wear lycra body suits to prevent stings.  Pantyhose also works.  One Australian once told me that as a child, her mother would make sure she was fully dressed before going swimming! 

Best stick to beaded jellyfish, eh?

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