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Ocean Waves and Seafoam Glass Jewelry by Driftland

The Baltic Sea is the source of inspiration for two glass artisans from St Petersburg, Russia.  Lada Tazetdinova and Ekaterina Kotova are the designers behind Driftland where many of the glass pieces feature crashing ocean waves and surf.

What is their work about? They said,  "DriftLand is about the song of the sea and of the wind, autumn rain and dance snow, music, love and travels. And most importantly for us are human dreams, adventures and fairy tales which are woven into our lives."

They work with molten glass - a deft skill in the glare of a flame as they have to manipulate different colors of glass to simulate an active sea!  Individual pieces are then annealed in a kiln - cooled in a controlled fashion to make it durable.

Some of their designs feature metal lighthouses.  Their craft booth design also cleverly features a lighthouse!  See more of their work on Facebook and Instagram.

Lighthouse and Ocean Waves Jewelry


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  1. I love water and I've always been fascinated by the sea.

    As soon as I saw what these gals have done here I had to go and look at their Etsy store. I drooled my way through each and every piece.

    Their creations are gorgeous! Their designs are outstanding and their booth! Oh wow!

    I always wanted to learn lampworking but my studio is prohibited by the fact that one little mistake would burn my whole barn down in a second. Sigh...

    On the other hand I get to look at things as fabulous as this and dream of the ocean - -

    Fabulous find Pearl!

  2. I love them, especially the high waves - they are unbelievable!


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