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Beautiful Beaded Mandala Tutorial by StefyPerlinart

Beaded mandalas are spectacular and can be used - depending on their sizes - as earrings, pendants or even in a statement necklace with graduated sizes!

They are relatively easy to do especially if you start off with metal ring. Check out this beautiful tutorial based on brick stitch by Italian beader, Stefania of StefyPerlinart.

The tutorial is in Italian. But you can easily see how she starts the mandala by doing the first two rows inside and outside the metal ring.

You can use different bead types, colors and sizes of your own to build up a unique mandala. Some slight spacing adjustments might have to be made to get the beads to properly complete the round.

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  1. Not so long ago you posted a tutorial from Caravan Beads that starts with a similar premise (I think a large soldered jump ring) and I have been making all kinds of circular brick stitch things since then. But it never occurred to me to go back down in size after increasing to say 4mm firepolished rounds and I see she has some smaller seed beads in the outer layers and now I have to try that too.

  2. Beautiful work. I discovered by accident that if you click at the bottom of the screen to expose the time line you will find the little "settings" wheel. If you click on that you can check the box that will allow for English subtitles. Although the tutorial is really well done, there are parts of it where she does explain some of the technique in English subtitles. They help to explain why she does the brick stitch before or after the next bead below.

  3. I just discovered that you have to turn it off when you start the next one or you will continue to have English subtitles even if the video is in English.


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