You might consider this is way too early to be thinking about craft shows. After all, the main making and buying season isn't until the fall.  But savvy artisans use the down time earlier in the year to get their inventory ready and to plan a craft show booth.  Once the season starts, you won't have time!

Some jewelry designers make their own displays (see links below for DIY tutorials), others purchase commercial ones.  The third alternative is to choose beautifully handcrafted wooden jewelry stands.  This organic material particularly suits handmade jewelry designs.

One important factor to consider is display height.  Even if your table legs are on bed risers, it still helps to have tall displays or displays themselves placed on suitable objects.  The objective is to have your jewelry nearer to eye level of your potential customers. 

I have selected my favorites but there are many designs to suit individual tastes - for example a contemporary jewelry designer might prefer the above  wood and metal display.  The maker is Luke of UniqDisplay.

How some of the stands work will depend on your needs and preferences.  Take for example, the multi-height necklace display stand set shown below. Each have knobs at the back to hold the chain in place.  The makers are the The Days of TheGlitteredPig.  Makers are usually open to customized colors and designs.

Other important considerations are portability and storage.  Flat packed designs help.  

For example, this owls on a tree earring stand is both novel and portable as you can take it apart.  The maker is Helen Muntayn of  MooncraftUkraine.  She also has a sweet Tinkerbelle-like design

Check out this 5 shelf display for serious height advantage!  Annette and Rick Foster of CCLaserDesigns are the makers of all sorts of custom designs. 

Stu Adams of PortableDisplays has a more open concept to the tiered shelf shown below.  He has many other configurations in his store.

Some makers like BeamDesigns offer unfinished wood which you can stain or paint as you wish.  Owner Nathan Jones also offers laser engraving for custom shop names.

Tom Shapley of Giftedshopworks specializes in weathered wood jewelry stands which really suits boho jewelry designs. This multi necklace stand is both portable and high. Great for long necklaces!

I also like the tiered approach for earring cards.  Clint and Melissa of ArrayandDisplay offer many stain options for their wooden displays. They have all kinds of earring displays not just the one below. Talking about heights - they also have a wide range of risers

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