After I reviewed StudioDax's wonderful bead crochet jig, I have decided not to try PWAT (peyote with a twist) and struggle with converting bead crochet charts just to get beaded tubes!  It is simpler, in my opinion, to just learn to bead crochet. The jig makes the bead crochet start achievable.  So many people give up because of the difficult beginning.

You can also create beaded tubes or ropes with kumihimo or other beadweaving stitches like tubular herringbone. But those beaded tubes usually have simpler repeating patterns. That is why so many people admire bead crochet patterns - they can be complex and beautiful.

Learning to bead crochet is one thing but coming up with the patterns is another!Enter Canadian designer Inna Businka!  She is a designer of gorgeous bead crochet tutorials as well as a supplier of beads.  Her supply shop is called InulitkaBeads.  She also has finished designs here.

She has worked out the intricate bead stringing order as you can see from part of the chart (shown below) needed for the above bead crochet tube.

Consider this book, Crafting Conundrums : Puzzles and Patterns for the Bead Crochet Artist if you are mathematically minded and up for a challenge of designing your own. But I think most of you will agree that it is much, much easier to just find a beautiful bead crochet pattern from a designer like Inna!

Steampunk bead crochet tutorial

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