Lamp work artist and sculptor, Joy Munshower, is in a league of her own.  Her amazing lamp work beads are miniature sculptures showing incredible detail.  It is hard not to overuse superlatives when it comes to her work.

She has many animal inspired designs as well as a range of female torso sculptured glass beads.

Before she got into glass, she spent over 20 years in the construction, tile and stone industries, sculpture, and interior design. Joy is also the Tile Goddess where she has beautiful etched ceramic, porcelain and stone tile designs

Joy said, "Glass has been a wonderful, life-altering, change for me and has brought a sense of whimsy to my portfolio that previously didn't exist."

She is one busy artist as she now teaches lamp work beads internationally.

Clownfish and Anenome Lamp Work Bead

Joy also has a small but efficiently arranged studio. The captions are all by her husband.  I chuckled at the "clock (irrelevant)" one!  

H/T Pat Buchanan for this find.

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