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This Beaded Bangle Tutorial Can Be Used for Stackable Bracelets!

Do you sometimes enjoy making something and want to repeat it?  Check out this Superduo bangle tutorial by Helena Tang-Lim.  Wear it alone or wear it stacked! It is quick and easy to do.

This is one of Helena's free tutorials.  But you really should check out her store, maneklady ,for some incredible designs - glamorous and medieval looking. I featured her before.

The design is not quite a skinny tennis bracelet as it hasn't a clasp. So check out the links

BTW Tennis bracelets came about in the 1970's when it became fashionable to have less ostentatious diamond jewelry.  The name was already in use before Chris Evert famously almost lost her bracelet during a match. 

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  1. How nice of Helena to share some of her work with us. Her work is beautiful and very wearable.

  2. I'd like to make some of these bangles, but I have a beginner question – if they don't have a clasp, is elastic used? Basically wondering how you get them on and off :-)

    1. Hi Sarah! No elastic is used. This is a bead weaving technique accomplished with needle and beading thread. Bangles have no clasps so they have to be the right size to be able to slip them off. If you make your own, then you can customize it to your size! Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for answering my "newbie" question. Much appreciated!


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