Ann Benson of AnnBensonBeading is an accomplished bead artist based in Florida. Many of you probably already know about her Beads East Youtube channel which is full of beautiful beadwork tutorials.  It also shows her skill in so many bead techniques - bead weaving, bead embroidery, bead crochet and bead looming.

Ann said, "I've been beading, crocheting and embroidering since age 8; my mother and grandfather were master-crafters and thankfully the drive to create passed down to me! My hands never stop, my brain never stops, I find my truest joy in bringing ideas to life. My goal is to make it possible for others to enjoy the thrill of creativity in the same way I do."

Ann is also a novelist with at least 4 books published so far including The Plague Tales.

Somewhere in her busy creative life, Ann has even designed a tool - her unique No-Finish Bead and Fiber Loom.  It is a lightweight, adjustable loom designed to eliminate warp ends. It can be disassembled even in mid project, for transportation. Yet the tension returns once the end combs are slotted back in place.

Her short video shows how it works.  The loom can be used in combination with different fibers and beads, resulting in beautiful mixed media jewelry designs - see cuff above and the necklace below!  Ann also sells kits in her store.

This bead loomed cuff is stunning!
Also check out her store for bead crochet jewelry tutorials like this one :
As well as bead weaving tutorials like this one :
And stunning bead embroidery kits and tutorials like this one :
Ann also offers a few bead crochet bag tutorials.

These little beaded boxes are so elegant!

To say that Ann Benson is accomplished is an understatement.

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