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Lovely Lucite Flower Bracelet Tutorial Uses Easy Fringe Beading Technique

Lucite might be just acrylic but they are light. You can use masses of them in a jewelry design.  This lovely tutorial design by Merle Berelowitz  has loads of them.  The green Lucite leaves and other glass beads all add to the design.

The method is easy peasy as it is the fringe method.

The instructor used Dandyline which is a braided thread like Fireline i.e. it is strong and resistant to fraying.  I have not used it before but I believe it might be softer to use in beadweaving applications.  If you have used Dandyline before, please let us know what you think by commenting below.

H/T to Aims for this find.

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  1. lovely bracelet but where do you find the pattern? Rose at

    1. Thanks to Wildcard, I have updated the missing link!

  2. This artist passed away 6 years ago.
    The lovely pattern can be found here:
    I do not like Dandyline at all

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the missing link and for providing it! I have updated the post. Why don't you like Dandyline? Is it too stiff?

    2. Dandyline is too difficult to thread and too difficult to cut.

  3. These are so summery aren't they! I can see them with sundresses easily.

    I might have to check out dandyline.


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