Maria Gedo of Gedo Maria lives and works in a small town in Transylvania in Romania.  She teaches English and German at the local vocational high school.

She has been crafting since childhood. Her parents encouraged her and her siblings creativity, never minding the mess.

Maria explained,"During the Communist era we couldn't afford many things so we had to make them. We knitted, crocheted and sewn clothes, made furniture, carved wood, worked with clay, in other words we made many things we needed and longed for. This way we came across many different materials, learned how they behave in our hands and what possibilities lay in them. These helped and still help me in my creative process."

"In my adolescent years I made my money creating leather jewellery. Then I turned to calligraphy, then to painting glass and ceramics; created batik style Easter eggs which has a tradition here dating back centuries; I also like decorating gingerbread with royal icing. But my love-at-first-sight-craft is creating wire jewelry."

Her exquisite designs show not just her passion at the craft but also her meticulous work.  Largely self taught, she has clearly gone on to metal smith techniques.

I like what she said, "The creative process doesn't only give us joy but also helps us dig deeper and deeper in our souls, helps us focus, find and heal ourselves."

Maria also has three tutorials including one for the stunning wire woven cuff bracelet with adventurine cabochons.

You can see more of Maria's work on Facebook and her Instagram.

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