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Vintage Style Wire Wrapped Jewelry Designs and Tutorials by KSchroederStudio

Wisconsin based wire jewelry designer and instructor, Kristine Schroeder, wonders, "Maybe I was born 125 years too late, because my artwork is heavily influenced by the intricately detailed rococo designs of the 19th century, as well as turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau."  Her intricate designs in her shop KSchroederStudio certainly has that antique look.

One outstanding design which caught my eye is her wire wrapped skeleton key pendant.  The rope twist detail on the bail and the stem of the key is lovely.

Kristine has been wire wrapping since 2000.  So she has a lot of experience.  She also offers advanced wire work tutorials in her store.

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  1. What a fabulous find Pearl!

    Her designs are incredible! I doubt very much that I'd ever have the patience to wrap like she does but I'd wear her jewelry in a heartbeat!

    I don't think her style will ever go out of fashion. It certainly reminds me there were simpler and more gentler times...

  2. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw her work. Great find Pearl. Her talent and skill certainly shows well I aspire to be that good someday. Working on it, but no where near this level of skill. Thanks for bringing her to our attention. Gorgous work.


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