Corsets have been in use for nearly 400 years. They were worn by both men and women, the former mainly for "slimming" purposes. Women, though, used the corset, depending on their needs and time period, to shape their figure, obtain a fashionable outline and for support. Women still wear shaping garments today but with modern stretchy materials, these no longer have the lacing long associated with corsets.

The traditional laced style of corset lives on in costumes at reenactment events, in cosplay, steampunk, etc.  Corsets have inspired some pretty amazing jewelry designers too.

The beautiful corset sterling silver ring above was designed by Licky Drake of  HappyGoLicky who I featured before.

This laser cut spider web leather neck corset is the creation of Nika Schönewolf of beetandowl.

This striking black and red lace up corset style cuff is designed and made to order by xDysfuntionalDollx

The corset idea has been given a feminine touch with this gothic choker corset design by MiaDressShop. Clever use of metal components.

This beautiful neckpiece by mpardovicouture, teams up so well with an actual corset in the costume.

Putting on a corset inspired jewelry design seems a lot easier than wearing the real thing!

Historical Trivia
Back in the 16th century a corset was known as "a pair of bodies" because they were made up of two parts.  Stays was the common term for this undergarment in the 17th and 18th centuries. In time they became corsets from the Victorian times onwards.

Stays were worn by women in all stations of life. Ever wonder how an 18th century working woman got dressed all by herself?  Watch this fascinating video where a reenactor demonstrates this.  Shoes and stockings were put on first because otherwise, the woman could not bend easily to reach her feet once her stays were on!!

Wealthier women could afford to wear more elaborate dress and have the corsets laced at the back because they had help from maids!

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