Wire wrapper and beadwork alert!  Those of you who like wire wrapping gemstones or incorporating them into bead embroidery, beaded and soutache jewelry might like to know about KGNSHOP.  This is a wholesaler of labradorite and other gemstones based in the lovely city of Jaipur, India.

Jaipur is a major hub for the arts and crafts and is famed for gemstone cutting.  KGNSHOP's gemstones are hand polished. They also offer free drilling services.

Jaipur Montage

What first caught my eye were their large selections of labradorite. This gemstone is now found in other parts of the world but it was first discovered in Labrador, Canada. There is an Inuit legend which tells of a hunter who released the Northern Lights by striking the stone with his spear.

Labradorite is loved for its "display an iridescent optical effect (or schiller) known as labradorescence". That flash of blue when you tilt the gemstone is lovely to see and to capture on camera.

The specimens offered by KGNSHOP have extensive areas of iridescence.

I noticed the shop often shows what some of the labradorite looks like without the flash. The same labradorite above is shown below :

There are also purplish labradorite gemstones!

KGNSHOP also offers calibrated gemstones - matched pairs -  especially needed for earrings.

Calibrated Red Onyx Smooth Briolettes
Just one thing to point out, the hydro gemstones are synthetic gemstones. Scientists take the trouble to create flawless artificial gemstones for technological uses . These gemstones later became available for jewelry.  These are both lovely and are cost effective to use. See the GIA's An Introduction to Synthetic Gem Materials if you want to learn more.  

Hydro Faceted Gemstone
Have fun wondering through this Aladdin's cave!

Rainbow Moonstone


Red Geode Slice

Titanium Druzy

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