Well, well, well!  The feature on last week's Bead-n-Stitch software program and giveaway certainly made many readers sit up and pay attention.  Especially those who are accomplished in other crafts.

Dragonswing said, "This looks like a fabulous design system. I love the way it interpreted Van Gogh's Cypresses. I do a lot of landscape and wildlife photography and just the thought of being able to create beaded designs makes my heart flutter."

Lhmao55 wondered, "This is a program I’m really looking forward to using for both embroidery and beading. Also would be nice to see if it can be used for knitting and crochet colorwork."  A definite yes to knitting.  It will depend on the crochet pattern.  Perhaps you could send an email to Igor to ask for crochet diagram symbols? Might be a very useful addition.

I received some questions from readers.  Madeleine R asked, "Can you select to have the peyote stitch go along the height of the bracelet rather than the length?" Yes. To do this, you will have to set the height as say 7 inches and the width as 2 inches. I did the opposite.

Some of you are concerned about being able to read a detailed chart. I suggest you print it out on a larger sheet of paper with the help of a copy and printing service.

So who won this fabulous prize?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to do the picking. The lucky winner is Gillian Clarke.  Congratulations!

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