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Amazing Polymer Clay Jewelry and Journal Tutorials by Mandarin Duck

Latvian polymer clay artist, Aniko Kolesnikova, of MyMandarinDucky  (website : Mandarin Duck) is in a league of her own.  She does design polymer clay jewelry tutorials (shown below) but she is best known for her amazing polymer clay journals.

I wrote about her work several years ago. She has, since then, produced several detailed tutorials on how to create journals of your own. She is an expert at layering, freehand cuts and the Skinner blend as you can see from this time lapse video of the making of a floral journal :

You can see more of her demos and jewelry tutorials on her Youtube channel.

Her attention to detail is incredible as you can see from this close up from her Chinese dragon journal tutorial :

Aniko also proves you do not have to have a huge space to create masterpieces!  Her studio consists of two small desks in a tiny room!

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  1. Wow! such amazing work. I am assuming (from the embedded video) that the plate is baked after inking and then adhered to the notebook. Does she use liquid polymer to create the dew drops? Don't you have to bake that as well?

    1. I think so. It is easier to bake in small sections. Not sure about the dew drops. I suspect that kind of clarity would mean those are resin drops. So no baking is required.


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