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Elegant Party Wear Beaded Necklace Tutorials by KDDesignsbyKDevine

I went looking for party wear beaded jewelry tutorials which were elegant and yet showed elegant structure in their design construction.  That was when I stumbled upon Kathleen Devine's store, KDDesignsby KDevine.

The designs which really caught my eye were the ones called Diamond, Renaissance and Twilight - they may be less ornate but structurally stunning!  With the right beads, these will sparkle. Beadwork is one technique, when done right, which can resemble high end gemstone jewelry and yet is nowhere as costly.

Kathleen, who is from Pennyslyvania said, "As long as I can remember I've always been a creative person. I have always enjoyed creating and making things with my hands, whether it was ceramic, glass, wood, paper, it really didn't matter. When my daughters were younger I would buy them the play beads. I found myself enjoying myself more than they did. so I decided to buy a few materials and give it a try. Here we are today."

Kathleen clearly loves working with beads!

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  1. You know I don't do this kind of beadwork but I just had to go and look at her store.

    Her designs are stunning. I shook my head in amazement at each design - and all tutorials to boot!

    Her work is gorgeous. I saw so many that I thought I'd wear myself. I loved Coral Reef and Cascade and the colour didn't hurt either on those but oh my any colour in any of these would be amazing.

    I was so impressed I sent the link to a beading friend of mine.

    I also really like the piece that Kathleen is wearing in her profile pic.

    Yes - each one would be a statement piece wouldn't it?!

    Great share Pearl. Thanks! If I can get excited about beadwork then I'm sure everyone who does this type of work will be agog!

  2. I remember seeing my mother tatting with beads but never learned how to do it. Every time I see tatting it brings back memories and I would dearly love to learn it now. Would be so happy to win the book.

    1. Hi Emily, I think you must have stumbled on an old post for a book giveaway. That tatting book giveaway is alas, long over.

  3. I'm familiar with KD Designs, she does amazing work! her attention to detail, and the mechanics of her pieces are outstanding and inspiring.


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