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Versatile Beaded Ramblin' Rose Bracelet Tutorial

I really like this versatile beaded "Ramblin' Rose" bracelet tutorial by Jill Wiseman. You can pretty much personalize this one with different flower and leaf placements. Or change the colors to suit your wardrobe or the season! Another alternative is to use other designs besides flowers and leaves on top of the netted base.

The instructor also shared her tips on how to use snap fasteners.  I am not a fan of them but they worked for this design as she cleverly placed flowers on top of the overlap so they could not be seen.

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  1. Love the idea of the flowered bracelet. The area of Texas around where Jill lives is called the Hill Country of Texas. Every spring, the grassy areas in the Hill Country erupt into blankets of bright, colorful wild flowers in blue, orange, pink, purple, etc. that remind you of a bright Persian carpet. You will see lines of cars traveling around the Hill Country eager to see the beauty of nature. It's as awe inspiring as the changing of the leaves in the northeast.

  2. I've made only the flowers from this tutorial and used them in a couple of different designs, they are a great decorative touch! I'm not a beader but Jill is a remarkable instructor!


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