Know a knitter or someone who crochets?  You might want to make them some unique polymer clay buttons for their garments!  Watch this tutorial by Maria Clark of Sweet Willow Designs in Colorado as she demonstrates how to make buttons in 3 different ways. She shares many tips along the way.

The first type of 4-holed buttons are created with texture sheets and clay cutters.  The second is for shank buttons using bought button backs. She also demos how to make shanks from wire if you would rather not buy any backs.

The third kind of button is created from a ball of polymer clay which had several small shapes pressed onto the surface. The ball is then flattened before button holes were added. She uses nifty center finders to accurately place the button holes.

Maria has shared her free center finding templates so you can make your own from transparencies.  The PDF link is her blog post. Watch her video on how to use her templates.

Be sure to check out the links below for my tutorials on how to make all in one button earrings!

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